Spirals and Cycles

These thoughts feel a little heavy to me, but they’ve been on my mind, since yesterday’s limo accident that killed 20 people, so…

There’s a famous story from India. It seems a young prince was dallying around in the palace courtyard one day, when he noticed Yama, the God of Death staring at him from a corner. Death crooked a finger, “Come here.” Terrified, the prince ran to his father, the all-powerful king, and told him what he’d seen. Was he crazy?

“Well,” the king said, “I don’t think so. We have to get you away from here as quickly as possible. Get a horse from our stables and race as fast as you can to that far city, Samara. Then hide, so Death cannot find you.”

The prince obeyed and soon galloped away. The king, meanwhile, went to the courtyard, angry and looking for Yama. He was still there.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he shouted. “How dare you frighten my son so much! Now get out of here and never come back!”

Death looked suddenly alert. “All right. I’ll leave. I have to go anyway, as I have an appointment with your son tomorrow–in Samara.”

It’s not only about personal death. It’s everything. At varying speeds, everything comes into visible existence and goes out of visibility again. This is the spiral of being. Nothing is exempt. We, however, often take the attitude that things must stay the same, or turn out the way we expect, in order for us to feel secure and happy. We speak of death as a tragedy because we cannot know the soul-deep needs of the life in question.

Is it useful to fight against life’s inevitabilities? Why not honor the cycles? Why not marvel at the way things actually are? Why not cherish each thing, each person, each idea, as they float through our awareness on their own journey to fulfillment? We can offer love along the way, and help if possible. It takes much less energy to live in wonder, than it does to resist with a closed, anxious heart. The cyclic process will continue with or without our approval. Our power lies elsewhere.

Our power lies in our own hearts, our own inner choices. We can choose to trust the process or hate it. Which feeling would you rather live with?



































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