Oh Those Blahs

What about those slumps? Or, as my husband used to call them, the blahs. Those times when even the most fascinating project is uninteresting, when even the people we care about seem colorless.

Blahs happen to all of us. Maybe we don’t know what brings them, unless it’s a response to a noticeable event. Sometimes after a great accomplishment, or when we’ve been treated badly—and believed it! Or maybe we just wake up “on the wrong side of the bed,” as the old saying went.

My slumps, thankfully not frequent, do not seem to be related to a discernable cause. They just appear and for a time, nothing is interesting. What I’ve learned is that the cause matters little. It’s what I do with the blahs that makes a difference.

Most of the success literature out there tells you that you must “push through” a slump—work harder, don’t give in, stay at it! If you let slumps order you around, they say, you’ll get behind or something worse.

I beg to disagree. If I care about myself, or to the degree that I care about myself, a slump is there to be heard. Like pain, it brings a message. It’s better to pay attention. It might mean, for example, “Slow down, little one! You’re running too fast.” Or “You’re forgetting yourself—take heed and notice what’s up with you right now.” Or “You’re carrying negativity. Check it out—and let it go.”

It’s not always that clear, either.

So I’m slowly learning to respond differently, to let the indifference be there, accept it, and give to myself whatever seems to be desired. Sometimes that’s a jigsaw puzzle, like a mini-vacation. Sometimes it’s a sleep-in time, because I might just be tired. Sometimes it’s the opposite—I need activity, so I may walk. Sometimes I need to hear the voice of a friend—so I call and say so.

At the very least, a slump is a call from our soul to our awareness to meet some need, to adjust something that’s gotten out of balance. It may not be big, but it’s important, because our soul is needing care that only we can provide.



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  1. Margaret
    Margaret says:

    As one moving through a “blah” of my own, Marilyn, I was so grateful to read your post today. Thank you!

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